So, now we don’t even have to walk?

August 1, 2008

Has anyone seen Wall-E and the people that don’t walk anymore and have food brought to them? We’re heading that direction.
Americans don’t get enough exercise already. We drive everywhere, sit behind computers or game consoles and have food delivered because it would expend too much energy to actually prepare and cook a meal. Then we complain that we are overweight and join a gym. So now we pack our exercise into one hour sadomasochistic sessions to suppress our guilt. Over time we give up on the gym and just expand. Now we don’t even have to exercise during the few times we would actually get exercise when we have to walk. I wonder if these inventions are funded by diet scam companies and the pharmaceutical industry?

I must say I am guilty of all of the above except the game console and I do find Winglet really cool. Am I going to hell in a hand basket of deep fried gluttony?


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