So sad, so many

August 2, 2008


Animal cruelty is so wretched yet is so common; from the dog fighting to the puppy mills to the individual case of abuse on a single animal it breaks your heart. If we let ourselves see the true horror that is out there everyday I think we would huddle into little balls and hide in our beds. I don’t normally bring this topic up other than to speak out about the need to adopt rescue animals rather than purchasing them because that is one tiny thing that we can do in the sea of cruelty that too many animals endure. In adopting a rescue you are able to make a difference to one animal and not encourage puppy mills. My greatest four legged companions that I love to the point that they can make me cry in happiness, were rescues. While I loved all the animals in my life immensely, two touched me more than others, Audrey and Chalupa.

Chalupa is with me now, sleeping on the desk. He is an ancient but still kicking, half bald, toothless Chihuahua rescued about 5 years ago from the swamps of GA. He wasn’t wanted anymore when he was too old to produce puppies. He’s a funny guy that has recently discovered that chewing on his front left leg makes his back ones shake and he’s a bit obsessed with it.

Audrey was a kitten abandoned near our house when I was a child. She helped me through loss of loved ones and the always horrific pre-teen and teen years. She slept in my arms and nuzzled my face. She even comforted me before her death as if she knew she wouldn’t be around tomorrow.

Audrey is the reason I am sharing the video below. She looked like the little kitten. So watch, and then remember the next time you hear someone say they want a kitten or puppy to tell them to go to the pound or shelter to save a little furry life.


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