WAKA – World Adult Kickball Association

August 21, 2008

I never knew such a thing existed as the World Adult Kickball Association until a few weeks ago. I thought kickball was a game that we sadly left in grade school as we moved up into sports with harder balls that hurt more when you get hit.

Softball is a good example of one of those sports we moved up to. Unfortunately for me my softball career consisted of two attempts, 8th grade and the company team two years ago. The first attempt was marred by the fact that my head seemed to be a homing beacon for the ball, even if I was in the stands. The second attempt, I didn’t get hit but my legs reminded me that I am not 18 anymore, buckled in a sprint, and I rolled into home base. At least I scored in that embarrassing moment and had some good wounds to show for it.

Soccer was my other sport of choice for getting hurt. I broke my nose by stopping a shot with it and split my thigh muscle on the knee of a brat that didn’t like girls playing in a boys league. I was terrible at the game but enjoyed it anyway. I was really only good at being an obstacle that wasn’t afraid of getting hit. To this day my leg still hates me for that.

So I once again have ventured into the world of organized sports. I joined a team with WAKA. I shall be hurting myself on a weekly basis this Fall and hopefully enjoying it. Unlike the kickball we remember as children, these leagues seem to revolve around drinking and are sponsored by Rolling Rock. The names in the leagues are also quite entertaining. Imagine flocks of people with shirts reading: Booze Hound Gang, Rubber Balls and Liquor, Train-A-Balls, Remedial Runners, and Sir Kix-A-Lot. I must say if you are going to combine sports and liquor at least it’s on grass and with big rubber balls. Wish me luck and that the booze dulls the pain.



  1. So glad you found WAKA!

    Erika and I played this year in Arlington, we are proud members of the ‘SOFA KING SUITE’ (think about it) team!

  2. I’m still thinking on that one.
    We played a team last night that I think has the best name ever.

    Brown Chicken Brown Cow

    I didn’t get it at first then Evan said the name back to me. I love it so much I want it on a t-shirt.

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