About Me


My husband tells me I am a raccoon because I am easily distracted by pretty things but especially distracted by shiny things. Lucky for him it’s not necessarily expensive things it could be an interesting piece of glass or a flower. Here’s some evidence of the shiny obsession. During the first few years with me my silver car had a disco ball hanging from the mirror. If I am lost I can probably be found in the lighting area of Ikea. Christmas time is great just because all of the gaudy shiny things can come out of hiding and run rampant through the house. If my husband would allow it I would still have an arch of twinkle lights over my bed.
I don’t have an unusual attachment to raccoons or collect little raccoon figurines obsessively. In fact I don’t think there is a single raccoon anything in this house, and I like it that way. I could just as easily be described as being Hammy the Squirrel from the movie ‘Over the Hedge’. I do love cookies and I have the same attention span, roughly 5 seconds. That makes me remember that there are oreos in the other room…


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