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Kittens harass Great Dane

May 25, 2009

The fearless kittens, Eme and Blaze play with Abby the patient Great Dane.



February 22, 2009

Scout our Great Dane we recued in 2001 and Abby who tagged along that day. She has a sweet gentle soul that shows in her eyes.

ScoutScout Abby

Scout is short for her breed due to in-adequate food when growing. She was pregnant when we got her and had 10 healthy pups; Abby and Tex are 2 of them. The next three pictures are from when we first met and bought her home.


Here she is a few days before giving birth to 10 puppies. She is carrying 12 but her poor body couldn’t push anymore and the last two didn’t make it. She was a very scared mom and unsure what to do but she knew she loved the little things.

pregnant great danesquirmiesgoodgrief10goodmom2scout-031

She raised her pups and we kept one named Abby. Scout is very different from Abby; Scout knows hungar and discomfort, Abby does not. Scout seems to know how good she has it even if I often feel that I am not good enough for her.


Scout still caries the scars of her previous life. Her body is shorter than it should be and for the first few years the frostbite wounds on the tail would break open and paint the walls when she was wagging her tail too much. Her happiness and need to wag that tail was greater than the discomfort. The most obvious are her ears that had been cropped but never trained to stand straight. They look more like a little hat and sometimes both point right but never left. I think it makes her beautiful and unique, reminiscent of elegant woman wearing a small hat.

She is my Scout. A precious girl that only ever wants to have a place to be loved.